Thank Goodness I Got Lost!



For those who feel that they are lost, stuck in a rut, like a screw up and a lost cause.

For those searching for meaning and direction.

Thank Goodness I Got Lost! is the book for you!


Here’s what TGIGL readers are saying about the book:

“If I were to write a book, this would be it! It resonated with me in many ways. If you think and believe that you are stuck and that life is not happening for you, yet, then this book is for you!” — Sheila, @shieahmarie (Artist, Sustainability Advocate, Travel Blogger)

Thank Goodness I Got Lost is an inspirational book on discovering yourself, your authentic self.  It tells us that it is okay to get lost in our life […] Hardships, doubts, uncertainties are part of our life as it will shape us of who we will become once we find the light.” — Zoyee of



I am so grateful that the first books printed were now with their respective owners. 🙂

And now, the new batch of printed copies are available for sale and distribution!

Price is at Php 300. And for a LIMITED TIME, shipping within the Philippines is FREE!

So what are you waiting for?

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Peace, Love, and Light!