Lover of Life. Wanderer. Agent of Light.


Jostine’s passion in life is personal growth and development. Her quest for meaning and purpose led her to a beautiful realization that it’s not so much as a search for one’s purpose but it’s more of an allowing of what’s already inside us to come out and manifest in our lives.

Ever a wanderer, she takes delighted (and sometimes anxious) anticipation in following the beat of her own heart and allowing life to unfold as is.

With this philosophy, her work background includes working as a copywriter, virtual assistant, accounting manager, and au pair in the span of 5 years.

It was during her sabbatical in 2015-2016 that she was finally able to let go, let be, and just allow God, the Universe, and Life to reveal her Life’s Calling and Mission.

Her Life’s Calling is to be a messenger of hope, peace, love, and light.

She does this through her work as an inner peace coach and transformational life skills trainer; an inspirational author and speaker; a companion and a guide. Over-all, Jostine holds a safe and nurturing space for others so they can freely explore, discover, and connect with their inner selves.

Her Life’s Mission is to inspire and empower individuals to wholly love themselves.

She believes that this is essential in living a full life of Authenticity, Alignment, and Inspiration. And when we are living in Authenticity, Alignment, and Inspiration, then we become agents of positive change and transformation—positively influencing and impacting the world we live in.

To sum up, Jostine stands for loving wholly and living fully.

Jostine believes that each of us has a beautiful, unique Light within us. She envisions a world where everyone is shining and sharing their beautiful, unique Light, leaving a legacy of lasting peace, limitless abundance, deep bliss, and authentic love for the generations to come.

What Jostine is Most Passionate About:

  • Personal Mastery (Purpose, Values Clarification, Growth Mindset)
  • Self-Care, Self-Love, and Self-Compassion
  • 3 Alternative Ways of Living to Elevate One’s Life
    • Living in Awe and Gratitude
    • Living in the Here and Now
    • Living in Authenticity and Alignment